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Why EcommerceIncome helps
you starting your online store


Great news! When you want to start your own online store, you found the right website to help you at Also when you already have an online store, and you are thinking about how to generate more visitors and sales – we can help.

Would you like to learn my most important advice?
Learn how to work ON you e-commerce business instead of “inside” your online store.

When you heed that advice you will not be always just busy packing those orders and doing the customer service. Instead, your e-commerce business will grow much faster, the amount of visitors will increase and the amount of sales will rise! At a certain moment your online store (almost) runs independently. Start out with a couple of simple tweaks and before you know your online store became more successful.

How do I know all this? We have our own online stores and experienced it ourselves!         

Find out how to start and develop the ideal e-commerce business!


About us

Kees van Dijk is founder and owner of EcommerceIncome. He started a Dutch blog on the theme of starting a successful e-commerce business and has been active for years with internet marketing. He has developed various internet concepts and online stores. He has been successful with various internet-based businesses and helped clients with building up successful e-commerce businesses.  

“With both my Dutch blog and now with EcommerceIncome I try to share my knowledge with starters on the e-commerce market”

Kees currently runs a number of successful online stores including the hammock store which has Belgian, German, Austrian and French versions as well. Previously he developed, a successful internet concept that allows people to easily build their own website online. There are currently more than 300,000 active users on Webklik. He sold his shares in the company in 2011 to focus more on his other activities.

Kees is also owner of Into-Web Beheer BV. This company launches new internet concepts and online stores. Kees is happy to share his experiences with you and that is why he started EcommerceIncome in 2014. He is so passionate about online stores that he hopes he will convince you to launch one too!


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