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Kees van Dijk

Great that you want to get in touch! Probably you have a burning question that you would like to see answered. But before you email me, let me explain you something…

My inbox is very full and I would like to ask you not to email me but to use Facebook instead (unless you have a direct question about the products and or services).

When to use Facebook?

Do you have a question about your own online store or the online store you are about to start? I am happy to answer them, but only in public, so that everyone can learn from it!

So if you have a question about how to improve your online store, why you get few visitors or why nobody buys from you? Pose the question on Facebook!

Our details
Address: Latyrusstraat 17
Zip Code: 7701 CX
Town: Dedemsvaart

Dutch Chamber of Commerce no: 05082668
VAT no: NL0253.62.896.B01

Bank account number:

IBAN: NL55RABO0126226814

Once more: Questions not directly related to Ecommerce Income and our services or products are best posed through Facebook. 😉

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