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Coupon Codes as a Marketing Method

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You probably know coupon codes. Clients can enter them during check-out to get a discount on a certain product or on the entire shopping cart.

With Magento it is possible to write various “rules” for the coupon code. You can configure this to a quite advanced degree. Other e-commerce software normally also offers the possibility to work with discount codes.coupon_code

You can give away a unique code per customer or a generic coupon code for a certain promotion or website. Besides you have to decide on the height/nature of the discount. You can, for example, think of:

  • A discount percentage
  • A fixe discount amount
  • No shipping costs

How do you get more visitors with discount codes?

There are various coupon code websites. It is possible to apply there with your coupon code (mostly for free) and then they mention it on their website. You probably understand that this generates extra visitors!

Have a look on, (both US) or,, and when your are in the UK. For more such websites just google!

Mostly these coupon websites make us of affiliate marketing. This means that besides the discount you give away you also give away a part of the transaction amount to the coupon website. These websites are more inclined to mention your discount code for this reason.

Get incoming links via discount codes

This is a smart trick which is little used by online stores. I found out it works very well.

There are probably various weblogs writing on topics relevant to your business sector. Imagine that you sell clothes. The amount of weblogs writing about clothes on a daily basis is uncountable. You probably know some of the bigger websites (who often also are a weekly or monthly magazine) writing about fashion. But what do you think about the hundreds of website which are less well-known?

Write these weblogs/websites and tell them you have a unique promotion coupon for their readers. You give them a unique coupon code valid for one or 2 months.

The weblog will write a message about this nice promotion and places permanent links to your online store!

After a month the discount is not valid anymore but the links to your website still exist!

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