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Email Marketing

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Selling to an existing customer costs a lot less than attracting a new customer. A lot of online store owners seem to forget this. They are are busy getting new customers (obviously there’s nothing wrong with that) but forget their existing customers.

Existing customers can be most easily reached by sending newsletters.

It is important to make a satisfied customer a loyal customer whom you can contact again in the future.

Why use email marketing for your online store?

Email marketing, especially in comparision with other marketing methods, is very cheap and fast. An email is written and sent in a couple of minutes and the costs to send 10.000 emails are less than 15 EUR.

When can you email a customer?

–          After a few days to ask him whether he is satisfied and whether he would like to leave a review

–          When you have new (and possibly related) products

–          When there is a special day (christmas, mother’s day, other national holidays)

–          When you have a special offer

–          When he/she has a birthday (only if you have the date of birth)

–          When you have news to share

Mostly a combination of some of the above works best!

Email Marketing Softwareemail marketing

You can of course send your email via an email program such as Outlook. This is not very professional though. Especially with a big amount of subscribers this may give problems with the spam filters. It is better to use special email marketing software.

Advantages of such software are:

  • You can personalise your emails
  • Big mailings are not a problem
  • The emails almost always arrive (no problems with spam filters)
  • Measuring links in the mailing is possible

I am a very satisfied user of MailChimp. There is a free try-out of MailChimp available and there are good links possible with Magento. You may find many other alternatives by googling for ’email marketing software’.

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