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Google Adwords

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Google Adwords allows you to place advertisements above and besides Google’s search results. You configure with which search entries your ad should be shown and you pay a few cents for every click-through.

Understanding Google Adwords is a study on itself. If you do a couple of things wrong you quickly pay very high click prices. Something you want to avoid!

Lower prices for clicks and more visitors?

Relevance! Relevance! Relevance! Everything is about relevance with Google. This applies to search enigine optimization but even more to Adwords.

If your advertisements are NOT relevant you quickly pay 2 to 3 times more for a click than your competitor!

Google is not crazy and they know that if they don’t show relevant advertisements people will never click on advertisements anymore. This would be catastrophic for Google’s business model!

Make therefore always sure that you have a high CTR (Click Through Rate). If people click on your advertisements often Google will automatically see that it is an extremely good advertisement and will reward you with a higher ranking or a lower click price.

Your keyword, advertisement and landing page should be an exact match. Imagine that you advertise with the word “fire truck toy”, than your landing page should be the page where the fire truck can be bought and the advertisement should contain the words “fire truck” and “toy”.

The following helps certainly to make your advertisements relevant:

Imagine that you are for once not the cool guy with the great online store. No, you are now a stupid client with an even more stupid problem. When you were that client, what would you enter as a search term, on which advertisement would you click and which landing page would you expect?

If you can answer all three questions with a specific answer Adwords will generate more profit for you for sure!

Google Adwords Quality Score

The relevance is reproduced by Google in a score. The so-called quality score.

It is important that the quality score for each search term is as high as possible. The higher your quality score the less you pay per click.

You get a higher quality score by making everything relevant. This includes the landing page, the search term and the advertisement, which should all correspond to each other.

If your landing page is about bags, you advertise for the search term “bags” and your advertisement contains the word bags a few times – this already engenders a higher quality score.

Do not overfocus on number one position

Don’t forget you are not the only e-commerce entrepreneur out there advertising on Google. Often there are more people advertising for certain keywords than ad slots available.

The click prices become higher in that case and it is quickly already not interesting to defend your number one position!

Sometimes it is more lucrative to focus on a few positions lower.

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