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Link Partners and Link Dropping

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Link partners

One of the most used ways to get more visitors to your online store is exchanging links with other websites or online stores. Moreover: incoming links positively impact the search results of search engines.

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Webmaster forums

Become a member of webmaster forums. I am a loyal member of a number of forums. You can find a lot of information on these forums. In every webmaster forum there is a topic where you can post your online store to find link partners.

Webmasterworld, webmasterforums are two examples of such forums.

Subsidiary Pages of Start pages

A good way to get links is from subsidiary pages. These are pages with links on a certain topic which are part of a bigger start page. An example of such a website is

Search for pages that are about the topic of your online store and ask the administrator whether they want to exchange these links. Make sure that your online store is up and running – it should have added value for the link page as well.

Related online stores and websites

With related website I mean a website that has the same or a similar topic as your online store. These are the best link partners, because visitors from these sites are probably also interested in your website.

How do you find such related websites? There are two ways:

1. Via start pages and directories

When you apply your website for a subsidiary or start page, look which other online store and websites are already in the same category. These sites are all potential link partners! Search for the contact form and e-mail them!

Also have a good look at these website and online store and try to find out how many visitors they receive and where these could be coming from. A good tool for this is LinkDiagnosis.

2. Via Google

You can also easily look via Google for link partners. Think of which search terms your visitors use to find your online store. Perform a search with these terms in Google.

Which sites are now on top? The websites with the same topic as your online store should be. Visit these websites and have a look whether they would be suitable link partners – including whether they are of acceptable quality and have enough visitors.

To Conclude

With these methods you will without a doubt find a number of suitable link partners.  Don’t forget to keep searching actively for link partners in the future.

Link dropping

Link dropping means that you leave a link everywhere.

E-mail signature

Configure a standard e-mail signature with your link. Everyone you send e-mails to will directly also see your link!

Besides this easy (and free) form of advertisement you save some time every e-mail. You don’t have to type your name over and over again. 😉


Reacting in forums (places where people come together to discuss things) can generate a nice amount of sales.

With 99% of forums you can use a signature. In the signature you can place a link to your online store. The signature will also be shown in every reaction you post.

An example. You sell products that are solar-powered. Look for a forum on alternative engery or energy-saving and start to write reactions and tips. You indirectly promote your products to your target group.

Do make sure you always react on the content and don’t seem too “spammy”. Forum users hate spam on their forum.

Actively partaking in forums has another postive effect: you find out better what it exactly is that your target group wants!

WARNING: Actively participating in forums takes a lot of time. Compare the returns of the time investments with other marketing methods.

Reacting on blogs

Follow a number of interesting blogs with topics clos to your online store. When you for example sell (high) fashion make sure you are up to date with the latest trends and catwalk news.

When such a fashion blog posts a new article, leave a reaction in which you say something about the article. Nine out of ten times you also have the possibility to leave your URL.

TIP: Many blogs automatically put a “nofollow tag” to links to other websites. This means that Google doesn’t attribute value to this link.

However when you also place the link in the reaction itself it something happens that there will not automatically be a nofollow tag. For that reason also mention your link in the reaction. Don’t forget to write the whole link:

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