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Social Media

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Social media are websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. These websites have large groups of active users with whom you can communicate.

According to marketing blogs you need to do something with these social networks as they became such a big thing over the last decade.

You can use Social Media in two ways. By participating and joining the discussion on these networks or by advertising on them.

Participating takes a lot of time and patience. For every social network you need other “tactics”. In short it comes down to this: search as many relevant friends as possible and bombard them with your message.

Finding friends is not an automatic process. A stranger will not quickly start to follow you or add you as a contact/friend. Existing (and satisfied) customers will do this much quicker. Therefore you best start with your existing customers.

Invite them for example in the order confirmation e-mail to join you on Facebook or Twitter.

We will post some more articles on social media soon.

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