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Know your Customers

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As ecommerce entrepreneur you should find out as much about your customers as possible. Not out of curiosity but to target your marketing. By mapping your target group and your customer base you can improve your product and service and sell more. To be able to start fine-tuning from early on it is necessary to begin collecting data from the start!

Install Google Analyticsgoogle_analytics_Know Your Customers

The essential step in learning more about your customers is enabling the powerful ecommerce features of Google Analytics. There are three steps to effectively start using this ecommerce link of Google Analytics: 1. Installing Google Analytics 2. Enabling the ecommerce link 3. Filter out your own IP address.

Ecommerce Link

Go to Google Analytics > administrator > click on profile > profile settings > ecommerce settings > enable it by indicating yes, this is an ecommerce website > save.

You can enter the property ID number (which you can find under your profile name at the top left of the page) in your ecommerce software. Now all your sales and customer data will be analysed by Google Analytics.

This allows you to see from which sources your customers come and how much money you get per visit.


Everyone has to test their online store every now and then, making some test orders. These tests influence the data which are measured by Google analytics. You can and should filter these.

If you are not sure what your IP is you can just google it: search for “what is my IP”, and you will find out. If you have any developers working for you, or business partners, make sure to filter their IPs out as well.

Go to Google Analytics > Filters > New Filter

Use Live Chat

The problem of online stores is that many clients feel they don’t receive the help (or attention) they need or want. They have a question and feel they can’t pose it. For this reason some clients decide to go to the department store in their neighbourhood after all. That’s a pity! For this reason many online stores add a live chat feature to their online store. In fact this doesn’t only help the client in a better way but also offers advantages for the online store itself!

live-chat-know your customerSome of these advantages include that it is a cheap and sometimes even free way of offering customer service and letting your customers more easily reach you. In this way you learn more quickly what kind of issues they have with the website – more input to optimize your online store – and you can directly address their concerns and questions. This takes away their doubts and increases conversion. Lastly, it is faster to chat than to handle a phone call (imagine for example explaining on the phone where a certain product is on the website versus simply sending a link via chat).

Two good chat software suppliers are Zopim and Robin

Ask on the thank you page for improvement suggestions

You can use the thank you page (on which you thank the client for making a purchase) to get feedback. You can do this by asking the customer for a couple of more seconds of their attention.

What we ask in one of our online stores is: “Is there anything we can improve on?”

–         Were there any errors on the website?

–         Did we provide enough information?

–         Was there anything that didn’t work correctly?

–         Did you miss any product?feedback_know your customer


We use google drive to make and host the form. How can you that? Go to Google Drive, choose create form, choose a title. It is best to use the standard theme so it will more easily blend in with your website. When you completed making the form to your liking, go to > File – Embed. Add this link to your thank you page.

An extra advantage of giving your customers the opportunity of directly giving feedback is that if they wanted to complain about something, they already did that now. The likelihood of a positive independent review is now more likely!

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