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The “about us”, “terms and conditions”, “contact” and “FAQ” pages are normally not visited that often. But when a potential buyer does takes the time to look at one of these pages he is probably already far in the process of considering a purchase. With a bit of optimization this page could just give him that push from considering a purchase to actual buying!

Impress with your “about us” page

When looking at your Google Analytics data you will be surpised about the number of visitors that read the “about us” page of your online store. Many people like to learn something about you and your online store before they buy something from you. Especially people who visit your online store for the first time can be impressed with a good “about us” page.

A few tips for the perfect “about us” page:

  • Share the complete story of your online store
  • Introduce yourself as owner
  • Introduce your employees
  • Give some facts about your company in bulletpoints
  • Write in the “language” of your company
  • Use some pictures/video and don’t only rely on written content
  • Be authentic

Customer service / Contact page

Always provide your local number and not a cell phone number as well as the complete address. This ensures people can contact you offline as well. This lets your visitors know that there are real people behind this online store and that it is not only a website.

The more options you give the customer to get in touch with you the better. Think of chat, e-mail, phone, contact form, address, fax, carrier pigeons…

Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

In these legal pages you tell the customer what their rights and obligations are when they make a purchase with you. It is important to have good (and fair) conditions so both the customer and you know what to expect.

Note: it is an open secret that Google ranks online store with a good privacy policy higher. For the use of some of Google’s services it is even obligatory to have a privacy policy. 😉

Compose a complete FAQ page

Customers often have similar questions to ones that have already been frequently asked. Combine those questions with answers on a FAQ page. This enables customers to find answers to their questions without having to contact you. The chances of a potential customer refraining from buying something become smaller with a FAQ.

Inform your customers better about your products

A visitor may sometimes experience stress when choosing the right product. Perhaps he doesn’t know exactly what the differences are, how they should use or install the product and what the right size or colour is for him.

All these problems can be solved by informing the visitor better about all the possibilities. Often you can provide already a lot of information on the product page but sometimes you have information that needs its own page. By creating such a page your visitors will value your online store better and this also allows them to make better choices (= more sales and less returns).

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