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Optimizing Retargeting

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With retargeting you try to convince the visitor once more to buy in your online store. You can do this by sending them an e-mail or by chasing them with advertisements on the internet.

Use Adwords Re-Marketing

With Adwords Re-Marketing you can “follow” people who visited your online store and show them extra advertisements. These advertisements can show up everywhere on the web (you automatically advertise on every website that is part of Google’s Display Network).

These re-marketing ads can help you to get these “lost” visitors back to your online store. You can for example let them enter on a special landing page with special offers.

Clean up your mailing list

There are probably people on your mailing list who didn’t open your e-mail for months in a row. With all good mailing software you can easily track these people.

It is best to remove these non-active members from your newsletter list. You should only send e-mails to people who would like to actually open your newsletter.

The first advantage is that you will not be marked as a spammer as quickly, and that is a good thing. If you are on the “blacklist” once, it is very hard to leave it and you can practically forget about your e-mail marketing for the future. Besides, your data will become a lot more accurate. Because you have more accurate statistics, you can tune your mailings better for your readership. This will enhance your open-rate for your e-mails and improve the conversion percentage for your online store!

Before removing the inactive members of your mailing list, it is best to send this group one or two more mailings. Let them know they missed out on an important offer and that they can automatically subscribe again for the newsletter by clicking a link (this is also measurable by most mailing software).

Offer Cashbacks

Offering cashbacks is a popular strategy to win visitors back and to let them buy more. The most used method is offering visitors coupon codes or gift cards when they bought something in your online store. You can, for example, give a 10 USD/GBP discount with every order over 50,- for a next purchase.

By offering cashbacks you will not only increase the number of returning customers but also significantly increase your transaction value! Of course you have to clearly communicate in your online store that the customer get the discount only when spending more than xx,- £/$.

Don’t forget that returning customers have much higher conversion percentages than normal visitors. Besides you often pay a few times more that amount in marketing costs for a “new” customer. A giftcard is not a bad option!

giftcards voor je webwinkel


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