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Visitors always have a psychological barrier when visiting your online store. The aim of optimizing your online store is to take away all possible objections visitors may have against buying something. You want the visitor to become inspired and full of trust when visiting. With each new page they open and every action they undertake you have a new opportunity to gain more trust.

Independent reviews

By showing independent reviews from companies such as Kiyoh or The Feedback Company the visitor gets more trust in your online store.

Make sure to use a SSL connection

You also get more trust by making your online store secure. No one wants to leave all of their data on insecure websites.

By using a SSL certificate in the check-out and registration pages, the visitor will deem your website to be a lot safer.


Show logos

By showing extra logos you can point out to your visitors that their data are in safe hands when transferred to you. Use logos of your SSL certificate and of all possible payment methods for this reason.

Logos of trustmarks also enormously contribute towards getting more trust.

Offer as many payment methods as possible

Customers always have their own preferences when it comes to payment. Some prefer paying by credit card, others by some form of bank transfer.

By offering as many payment methods as possible you reassure your customers that they can pay their way. Of course you should show all payment logos on every page.

Make use of social proof

Do you have a couple of hundred of Facebook fans? Show this to your visitors! Nothing works as good as the confirmation that there are already many people who trust your online store.

Of course you should only do this when you already have enough fans. When you don’t have enough Facebook or Twitter followers this may also actually work against you.

Also take care that your visitors are not leaving your online store via the Facebook and Twitter buttons. When they are on their social network you don’t get them back to your online store that quickly!


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