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3d cart

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3dcart started out in 2001 and is based in Tamarac, Florida. They have over 10.000 customers and they offer a lot of (built-in) features.


3dcart has a plan available for many types of users, starting from the “Mini” package at 19.99 $/mo. up to the “Power” plan at 129.99/month. There are two limitations to every plan: the amount of bandwith used without paying extra and the maximum amount of products allowed in every plan. This is different from Shopify and BigCommerce, who limit the storage and have unlimited amounts of traffic and products. For every 1 GB extra with 3dcart, you are invoiced an extra 5$.

3dcart review

3dcart offers, apart from the above plans, also three cloud-hosted enterprise solutions starting at 199.99 $/month. The advantage of these solutions is that they guarantee virtually 100% uptime and that they are powerful enough for demanding, big online businesses.


One of the coolest things in 3d cart is that you can virtually change everything with the click of a mouse. You can just move everything around and make the online store look like you want it to look.

3dcart admin

A drawback is that the dashboard is cluttered and this makes it harder to use the many built-in features that 3dcart has.

The most important 3rd party integrations are available, but 3dcart doesn’t have as many integrations available as Shopify and Bigcommerce have. Do check in advance whether the add-ons you want to use can be used with 3dcart.


3dcart claims to have over 80 free templates. There are many duplicates, however, with just the colour changed. More important is that they look quite terrible, and not a single of them is responsive. The responsive lay-outs start at 199$. The premium and responsive themes also don’t look very good. It seems 3d cart would like you to buy a custom-made template, which will probably cost you hundreds of dollars more.

Customer support

Most complaints about 3dcart are not related to the design, however, but to its customer service. As 3dcart is mostly focused on the American market, it only offers support on US lines. These are, according to the website, available 24/7 for all of its users from the “mini” plan up to the enterprise solutions. That sounds good, in theory.

Interestingly, however, 3dcart offers 30 minutes with a 3dcart Guru “to jumpstart your business” only from the professional plan up. This seems to suggest that the best support is not available to all plans and not at all times. (This type of) Support needs to be booked in advance. As a (starting) online store owner I want to have good support available all the time – something 3dcart doesn’t seem to be able to offer, the complaints suggest.

Ecommerce Income conclusion

3dcart has some really nice features which made me include a review of the shopping cart. Still it is not up there with some of the competition (Shopify, Bigcommerce). Areas in which 3dcart is lacking the quality you are looking for are mostly design and customer support. Design issues can be solved with spending money and/or time. The support issue is more serious. What is more, is that we read reports that not all features and integrations work as well as they should.

If you have more experience with building stores yourself or if you don’t care too much about the design and just want to start selling quickly by using a low-cost and fairly easy-to-use solution, 3dcart may do the job for you. Do keep in mind the possible extra charges for traffic (5$/GB)

As always, and especially when you are in doubt, it is best to try it out yourself – 3dcart offers a trial version. Also check our software comparison – it will soon also include 3dcart so you can see how it compares side-to-side with the likes of Shopify and Bigcommerce it now also includes 3dcart.




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