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Adding and Editing Categories in Magento

A category allows you to place products in it. The category, moreover, also always appears in the main or sub menu (dependent on your choice). You could also make the category invisible if you wanted to do so.

So if you want a normal text page in the menu you will first need to create a category (see below—Display settings—for more information).

The adding or editing of categories in Magento is done via:
Admin → Catalogue → Manage Categories

Give every category a unique description. I also recommend you to fill in the Meta Description and Meta Title fields. This is beneficial for your Google ranking.

Content = King!

Don’t forget that you have a great SEO store with Magento. It would therefore be a pity when you don’t enter descriptions and meta’s. It is like a Ferrari without wheels: it is still really pretty, but you will never be the fastest!

Write one or two paragraphs of text for every category and before you know you’ll be ahead of the competition!

Extra information: Display settings

What are Anchors?

When the Anchor is enabled a filter (layered navigation) appears on the left side of the page. What filter options appear depends on the Magento attributes you configured.

Placing a page in the menu but not showing products?

First create a ‘Static Block’  in your CMS and then configure the Display Mode to ‘Only static block’ and choose the block you created.

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