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Adding and editing products in Magento

You of course start an online store because you have got products to sell. But how to add these products in the back-end of Magento?

The adding or editing of products in Magento is done via:

Admin → Catalogue → Manage Products

Give every product a unique description. I also recommend you to fill in the Meta Description and Meta Title fields. This is beneficial for your Google ranking.


Content = King!

Don’t forget that you have a great SEO store with Magento. It would therefore be a pity when you don’t enter descriptions and meta’s. It is like a Ferrari without wheels: it is still really pretty, but you will never be the fastest!

Write therefore one or two paragraphs of text with information about the product and before you know you’ll be ahead of the competition!

So don’t just copy the texts you got from the supplier or from another online store. These texts are often already somewhere else on the internet and then this is considered to be duplicate-content. This is detrimental to you search engine results!


Would you like to rank high with your pictures in Google? Then add a unique title for every picture.

Use pictures of max  950×950 pixels. This ensures that the pictures never overwrite the lay-out and are viewable on every screen. When you want to show the details you can upload multiple images.

You will have to deal with two product types in Magento

Most online stores deal with simple products or configurable products.

Simple products

These are products you can directly add to a shopping basket.

Configurable products

These are products that need to be “configured” first. One example is jeans. Before the customer adds it to the shopping basket they need to choose their size.

An attribute needs to be made for configurable products. For example “size” or “colour”.

A configurable product in fact exists out of multiple simple products. You can directly create these simple products in the tab “related products” when adding a product (always first “save & continue editing”).

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