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SEOshop: Your European Ecommerce Solution?

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SEOshop is one of the best European ecommerce solutions and the best the Dutch ecommerce software industry has to offer. Having invested in an international roll-out (opening an office in Frankfurt, Germany in 2013) and having been built with Search Engine Optimization in mind, it is on its way to become your prime European Ecommerce software solution.seoshop review

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

SEOshop focused since the launch of the ecommerce platform on generating traffic. As you can see from the name of the ecommerce software provider, search engine optimization (SEO) takes a special place within the company. Search engines are the most important marketing area for online stores. An online store needs to be built in such as way that search engines such as Google can easily index its pages (read and save them). If your online store is not optimized for search engines, this will result in a lower amount of traffic than could have been possible. SEOshop contains all (legal) optimization techniques.

There are European and Dutch Ecommerce Software platforms that are not optimized for search engines. This may not be such a surprise for some of those companies, as they are really small. But it also seems that Shopify, the ecommerce giant from Canada, is not always structured with best SEO practices in mind. We know that Shopify is great at design, but don’t these Shopify “Collections” hinder your SEO efforts? Read more on SEO and site structure here.

SEOshop’s strong SEO performance has been one of the reasons why many big companies chose SEOshop as a basis for their online store. Fortunately you can do so too, and without having to pay loads of money.;-)

seoshop review

Our experience with SEOshop

For my online stores I use Magento but my colleague opened an online store with SEOshop on my recommendation:

This website rose remarkably quickly in the results of search engines. It was not even totally finished yet. Hundreds of products still needed to be added and the layout needed big improvements. He also didn’t do any marketing yet. Still he already had daily sales!

My colleague is very positive about the usability of the software. He used quite some ecommerce platforms before (among them Magento and other Dutch solutions) but according to him SEOshop is easiest to operate. If you want to learn more about the ease of use of SEOshop, check out how I set up my SEOshop trial store here!

Because he has loads of products he needed to take the more expensive package. Besides he needed some apps which weren’t included in the subscription fee which makes his monthly fee a bit on the high side.

He advised that an extra advantage is the support of affiliated companies. There are a number of companies that specifically develop solutions on the SEOshop platform. For a reasonable price they can make adaptions for you in the code. WebshopHelpers, for example, helped him to create a dropdown-menu and developed the new lay-out.

seoshop review

So why don’t you migrate your stores to SEOshop?

In fact I do want to migrate my stores to the SEOshop platform. If I could start all over again now, I would have chosen SEOshop instead of Magento. Administering the store becomes much simpler and we are not responsible anymore for development and security.

Unfortunately, a couple of years back Magento was still by far the best ecommerce solution around and that is why I chose Magento. Nothing but the best for me. 😉

Now I have the problem that we have four big online stores which all operate on one platform and stock. To transfer this all would be a huge job. Secretely I hope that SEOshop will call me one day to say: we will do it for you! But even then I will have some restrictions that would make a transfer difficult. Our whole administration is based on Magento, for example.

seoshop review

SEOshop Is One Of The Best European Ecommerce Solutions

I am a big proponent of opening online stores across borders. Especially when you sell a niche product you may quickly reach your maximum in sales, particularly when Ecommerce Software Ready to Conquer Europeyour home market is relatively small like the Netherlands. When I expanded my business to Germany, I had a hard time getting the German/European trustmark “Trusted Shops”. In case I would have used SEOshop, it wouldn’t have been a problem since SEOshop is a partner of Trusted Shops.

Another thing making it easier to conquer Europe with SEOshop are the ready integrations with European comparison and shopping sites.

Multiple languages

But I didn’t mention one of the biggest pluses of SEOshop for the international oriented online store owner yet: it is very easy to add extra languages on this platform. This aspect of the SEOshop plaform just blows the competition away (When you want to do this in Bigcommerce or Shopify, it will cost you a lot of time and money, and sometimes you can’t actually set it up according to your needs – read more on multiple languages in SEOshop, Bigcommerce and Shopify here)

SEOshop also offers multiple currencies, that are, like the languages, easily added in the back-office.

Another advantage of SEOshop is the ability to manage multiple stores from one admin. With other ecommerce software you need expensive extra apps to do this, with SEOshop this is a feature that is native to the platform.

App Store and API

Although SEOshop is smaller compared to Shopify and Bigcommerce, most of the apps and features you can get on those bigger platforms, are also available on SEOshop. And, there is an API, allowing developers to create links with external software.


How complete is SEOshop when compared to the competition?

Ecommerce Income did research on the completeness out of the box of the various ecommerce software providers (read the articles here and here). Interestingly, SEOshop reached a position very close to Shopify’s: Shopify got 6.95 points (out of 10) and SEOshop got 6.1 points. Not a bad score for a company that is much smaller that Shopify!

SEOshop has some truly excellent apps, such as a Feedback app from the Feedback Company. The Feedback Company, quite uniquely, manually checks each and every review. Negative reviews are placed on hold, allowing you some time to resolve the issue and bend the complaint into a positive review. When necessary, the Feedback Company mediates.

Another third-party developer made an excellent abandoned cart saver app, especially for SEOshop. Check out the SEOshop website to learn more about the apps!

Great Support By Knowledgeable People

What I really enjoyed when I got in touch with the people at SEOshop is that they really know what they are talking about. Even when I just registered for a trial store, I got contacted by an account manager. They really take their customers and their product seriously. So do contact them when you have any questions, doubts, or if you just want to learn more about this excellent European ecommerce solution.


So really, when looking at SEOshop we can only conclude that this comparatively small company from Amsterdam is pushing above its weight. Doing business with a small company also has the advantage of being able to have more contact with the people who work on the core product – and are thus the most knowledgeable. SEOshop has great SEO features, has some awesome features when you want to sell in multiple countries, and is completely ready for your company’s (future) European expansion.

Why don’t you try it out yourself and register for a free trial version?


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