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WooCommerce: the ideal Wordpress ecommerce plug-in

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Just like the WP Ecommerce plug-in Getshopped, WooCommerce is based on WordPress.  Check our WP e-Commerce page here for our review of Getshopped and for information on WordPress ecommerce plug-ins in general. WooCommerce of WooThemes is the fastest growing WordPress plug-in for e-commerce. It has the same features as WP e-Commerce but it looks all a bit easier and it is still developing.

woocommerce review

Payment options

The same as for WP e-Commerce.There are standard payment options but for the rest you will need a plug-in. Check for your local options. For the Dutch payment service providers there were more plug-ins available for WooCommerce than for WP e-Commerce.

Paying / Check-out

The one-page-checkout is great! Instead of multiple steps the client can enter all information on one page. It is possible to pay with or without an account.


Again the same as for WP e-Commerce. There are a couple of standard built-in (US) shipping options but for many other markets you will need extra plug-ins.

Managing the orders

The client dashboard in the front-end is (fortunately) not based on the standard WordPress admin dashboard. It is integrated in your online store and the client can manage his account directly from there. They can view there orders, modify shipping or invoice data and change their password.

In the back-end you can easily manage your orders. It is possible to manually modify the orders or even to add orders.


This is also similar to WP e-Commerce, with the difference that WooCommerce has more handy (paid) plugins to ameliorate your in-store marketing. Examples: it is possible to collect reviews automatically and you can also promote other products by way of banners.

WooCommerce Themes

In terms of templates WooCommerce is way ahead of WP e-Commerce. There are 200 templates available on ThemeForrest especially crafted for WooCommerce!

Moreover normal WordPress e-Commerce templates already go a long way in building your ideal WooCommerce online store!


WooCommerce vs WP-ecommerce

WooCommerce has almost all features that WP e-Commerce has, but also has a more active community and is easier to understand. Therefore I recommend choosing WooCommerce as the ideal WordPress e-commerce plug-in.

Also read why I don’t necessarily recommend using a WordPress Ecommerce plug-in in general.



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