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Five excuses why online store owners don’t practice a sound SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a necessary “evil” for e-commerce entrepreneurs. With some technical and on-site tricks Google will rank your site higher when displaying the results after potential customers performed a search, which generates “free” visitors and gives you an advantage over your competition.

Still – doing SEO is easier said than done, and that explains why many online store owners are slow with actioning it. I hear the following excuses most often when I asked online store owners why s/he doesn’t apply SEO.


1. “SEO is too difficult”

SEO is not as difficult as some e-commerce entrepreneurs think. The basic rules can be learnt within one hour, and there are many free guides available for it. Also if you choose to outsource SEO to a specialist it is wise if you know what you talk about. So for when do you plan this hour of study?

2. “I don’t have the staff available”

An online store quickly runs to hundreds of pages. It could therefore take a while before they are all optimized. But once the job is done, it is a relatively small effort to add new products and categories in a SEO friendly way. And if you or your employees are too busy for SEO, it is worth it to hire someone for it.

3. “I don’t have the budget available”

Search Engine Optimization takes time. When you don’t have that time available, you should attract help for it, which costs money. It could be that you don’t have the budget for it now, but with more visitors in your online store you will achieve a higher turn-over and you will have the budget available. A catch 22-situation that you will break through soon or later, before other online stores will catch up and overtake you in the search results.

4. “I can’t compete with the big guys”

Big online stores have a higher budget and have fulltime SEO specialists. Besides they achieve well in Google because users like to click on names they know. As a smaller online store you have, however, an advantage: you can react much quicker than big organizations that spend half their day in meeting rooms. In this way you will quickly make up for that disadvantage.

5. ‘There is no ROI’

Do you doubt whether you will get a reasonable Return on Investment? Before you make statements about that, it would be good to (let somebody) look at the potential of search engine optimization, for example in Google Webmaster Tools. Are there search terms with which you could score better? How many extra visits will that generate? When your research shows that the ROI isn’t good enough, you found a valid reason not to do SEO.

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