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State of Mind: Finding a Drop Shipper in a Few Steps

Ecommerce Income gives you practical tips and valuable tricks to get you on the road to online success. But what is the day-to-day practice like for an owner of an Kees van Dijkonline store? The dialogues of “State of Mind” focus on what is on the mind of Kees and other ecommerce entrepreneurs – in short, it focuses on your burning questions! In this third “State of Mind” interview, Kees tells us what he has been working on during the last two weeks. The second part of the interview focused on a
topic on which we received a lot of questions: drop shipping.
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Magento vs. Shopify

Loyal readers of Ecommerce Income already know that I am a long-time user of Magento. I built up my online stores on the platform years ago, kept on developing them, expanded my business abroad and now operate a modest “ecommerce empire” spanning half of Europe and multiple stores. I love Magento for how customizable it is. We can make it to exactly fit our needs.

But still: I’ve been saying that if I would start anew, I would perhaps not use Magento but instead opt for one of the SaaS providers. Because with Magento you need a lot of work “constructing” your store, while a provider like Shopify literally allows you to set up a store in as little as an afternoon – as I found out during my test.Magento vs ShopifyFor the benefit of the starting ecommerce entrepreneur, I will today outline a few reasons why I would choose Shopify – or indeed stick with Magento. Read more →

State of Mind: Big Chances in 2016

Kees van DijkIn the previous interview of the new “State of Mind” series we looked back to 2015. Today we look together with Kees at what 2016 may bring. What are the chances and trends in ecommerce in 2016? I asked Kees.

Kees, you now have multiple successful online stores. But what would you do if you could start anew?

In the SEO-analyses we do for ecommerce entrepreneurs, I discovered there are still a lot of chances in ecommerce. In almost all niches it is still possible to set up a successful online store. The areas in which you shouldn’t start an selling online, are, curiously, exactly those fields people tend to think of first. In short, everything that sells: electronics, books, DVDs… And also for white goods the price pressure is huge. If the margins are small, there is no room for nice marketing. In these niches it is simply not possible to compete with the big guys out there. Clothing also seems to be quite difficult, but there are still some opportunities left there.

But in all other niches the opportunities are many and for the taking. Read more →

Planning for success in 2016

We have been quiet over the last few months here at Ecommerce Income. That is for a reason: our business has simply been sky-rocketing! Kees would like to share some of his inside knowledge of how to build a successful, stable AND high-growth international ecommerce business. Therefore we decided to open the new year with an exclusive interview!

How to conquer Europe in a few years’ time?

How to go from a boot-strapping business in your attic room or cellar to a 6-figure annual turnover?

How to do business across borders?

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Bigcommerce vs. SEOshop

I work hard on making ecommerce easier for you. Ecommerce Income has particularly focused on making it easier for you to find ecommerce software to suit your needs. Comparisons, in-depth analysis, and easy to understand conclusions and advice on ecommerce software are the results. Over the last few weeks, I published fresh posts comparing two ecommerce software packages for you. The last post focused on Shopify vs. SEOshop, and a first post discussed the differences and advantages of Bigcommerce and Shopify, the two ecommerce giants. Today I publish a third post in this series: would it be better to choose SEOshop or Bigcommerce?

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Shopify vs SEOshop – 7 reasons to choose one over the other

Ecommerce Income puts great effort into making high quality ecommerce software reviews from all angles. Drawing upon the already established library of ecommerce reviews, it has now become so much easier for (starting) ecommerce entrepreneurs to compare and choose the best ecommerce software out there. In case you are in the last stages of choosing, but still doubting which of two software providers to pick, you will be happy with our new series of articles. In last week’s post I compared Bigcommerce and Shopify. This week’s turn is for Shopify vs SEOshop. In my view, this comparison may have some extra value for the internationally minded online entrepreneurs who (also) have an online store in Europe.

Shopify vs SEOshop

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Shopify vs Bigcommerce – 7 reasons to choose one over the other

bigcommerce vs shopify 7 reasons

Ecommerce Income has already done a lot over the last few months to make it easier for (starting) online entrepreneurs to compare and choose the ecommerce software solution that best suits there needs and requirements. Two of our favourite Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, are Bigcommerce and Shopify. Today, I will compare them. Shopify remains the most popular SaaS provider, and that is for a reason – it is a wonderful, easy to use and pretty ecommerce solution. But it really does make sense to compare it to Bigcommerce, as it has been doing a lot to catch up with Shopify and has become a veritable competitor in the process. They have a lot in common, such as being built primarily with the huge North American market in mind, but they also have distinct differences, such as in the philosophy behind the product and its features. Let’s have a look at how Shopify and Bigcommerce compare in this new blog post!
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What Ecommerce Software Should Globally Operating Online Stores Use?

If you are seeking (future) global growth, it is important to know whether you can trust on your ecommerce software platform to make the ride more smooth. In this article, I explore what ecommerce software – here focusing on three Software as a Service providers, Bigcommerce, SEOshop and Shopify – are best suited for online stores ecommerce software to conquer the world(interested in) selling worldwide.

Over the last two weeks, I discussed the Europe-readiness of SEOshop, Shopify and Bigcommerce. In a first blog post, I discussed Sales Taxes, Multiple Languages, and Trustmarks. In a second article, I dealt with Multiple Stores, Payments and Shipping, and with the possibilities to scale up while keeping using the same ecommerce software. Many of the points made – the ones not specifically related to Europe – are also relevant for a globally operating online store. Read more →

What Ecommerce Software is Ready to Conquer Europe? (1)

Your online store may be primarily operating nationally at the moment, but perhaps you have strong international ambitions. Or you are already looking to conquer other European countries. In both cases, it is advisable to find out whether your ecommerce software is ready for a European campaign. In this blog post I will analyze essential and desirable features of ecommerce software for the pan-European ecommerce entrepreneur. This article is also relevant for non-Europeans seeking to go international. In a next blog post, I will wholly focus on going global.

ecommerce software to conquer Europe

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