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The best SEO site structure: Shopify, Bigcommerce or SEOshop?

All Ecommerce Software providers claim to be Search Engine Optimized. SEO matters, because if your online store is easily found using a google search, this means you will get a lot of “free” traffic. Every online store should try to achieve a healthy percentage of organic search acquisition. Shopify claims to be “Search engine optimized”, Bigcommerce even boasts about “Search Engine Dominance”, and SEOshop writes: “The SEOshop platform was specially developed – and is continually being refined – for optimal performance in search engines.” So what Ecommerce Software provider to trust on their claims? Which of these three has SEO killer features? Ecommerce Income finds out for you!SEO site structure

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How ready out of the box are Bigcommerce, Shopify, and SEOshop (2)

This is the second in a series of blog posts in which I discuss important features that I would like to see in my ecommerce software provider. Thesehow ready are bigcommerce shopify seoshop out of the box are really handy and mostly even essential features that you – sooner or later – will need when building up your online business. It is, of course, handier and cheaper to have these features included, and be ready to increase your sales, out of the box. In the previous post, we found out that some of the discussed features were not included in some of our reviewed ecommerce packages and learned about some excellent options as well. In today’s post I will conclude which out of the three researched – SEOshop, Shopify, or Bigcommerce – is most ready out of the box. Read more →

How ready out of the box are Bigcommerce, Shopify, and SEOshop (1)

Today’s post is the first in a series of blog posts in which I discuss important features that I would like to see in my ecommerce software provider. These are really handy and mostly even essential features that you – sooner or later – will need when building up your online business. Of course it is both much handier and economical if these features are included from the start. Shopify is often praised for its beautiful design, while Bigcommerce claims for itself the status of being very complete out of the box. But is Bigcommerce more complete out of the box? Find out how they compare in this new blog series! Read more →

Launching your SEOshop Online Store in 7 Steps

As the third part in a series exploring how easy today’s Shopping Cart Software allows us to set up an ecommerce website, I will discuss SEOshop today. Although SEOshopseoshop review is less known globally than the Ecommerce software providers discussed over the last two weeks – Shopify and Bigcommerce – it is software well-worth paying attention to. SEOshop claims to be Europe’s fastest growing e-commerce platform. Today, I will share my findings on the ease of use and design of SEOshop. In one sentence, I try to find out whether it is possible to set up a reasonably professional-looking online store in an afternoon with SEOshop. Read more →

Launching your Bigcommerce Store in 7 Easy Steps

What can a ecommerce software novice set up in an afternoon? Is it really as easy as those shopping cart software providers want to make us believe? What ecommerce platform is easiest to use and what ecommerce platform has the best looking stores? There is only one way to find out: testing for yourself. I build my own Bigcommerce store in an afternoon, and will share my findings with you in this blog post. You will find out how to launch your Bigcommerce Store in 7 steps.

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Starting a Shopify Store in 7 steps

Ecommerce Income offers loads of information on Ecommerce Software. You can, for example, check out the features of Shopify and other Ecommerce Software packages, and I put a lot effort into the software Comparison that you can use to see how they compare for all those features. The blog will start today with also offering a series discussing specifically the ease of use and the design of the SaaS packages. I’ll do this by creating an imaginary store “Socks Are Sexy” on the platforms of Shopify, Bigcommerce and SEOshop. Today, I’ll start with Shopify. So what can you set up in an afternoon? Check out this blog post to find out! And also find out if socks are indeed sexy… Read more →

Social Shopping

Today’s post will discuss a growing phenomenon: social shopping.

This relatively new form of e-commerce is an interesting development, perhaps especially for the smaller e-commerce entrepreneur. Social Shopping, like social networks, comes in various shapes and tastes, as well as regional varieties. We will discuss some of the biggest global players below.

But first: what is Social Shopping?

The video summarizes social shopping quite well: a platform that you can trust for advice on products or even professional services.

Apart from discussing some of the main social shopping platforms, we will explain how you could use social shopping to your advantage. But we will start with asking the question: why does social shopping matter? Read more →

What is the best e-commerce software?

What is the best e-commerce software? We often find this question in our inbox. The answer depends on a number of factors.  First, what kind of e-commerce entrepreneur are you, and what do you want to achieve with your online store? Do you want to achieve a nice extra income besides your salary, or do you want to stop working and earn a “medium income” (whatever that may be for you) with the online store? Do you want to keep on developing the business and grow it into a million-dollar store? If you want to be able to scale your business, choose a solution that is as flexible, scalable and ambitious as you are. If you want to generate a nice side-income, look for an online store that is easily set-up and offers good value for money.

Second, it depends on the developments in the e-commerce world and the quality of the SaaS suppliers. What are the newest requirements and which e-commerce software packages respond best to the (quickly) changing world of e-commerce? What features do the various e-commerce software packages offer, and what is the quality of, for example, their designs. Mobile (e-commerce sales generated via tablets and smartphones) is the future – are the designs responsive? What do they cost?

Our comparison answers these questions on design, and about a hundred more questions Read more →

Ecommerce Technology is Not Scary

Perhaps you have a great idea to start an online store. You are in fact sure that you are going to make a success out of it. However there is one thing that is stopping you… You don’t have the technical skills.

When you think you can start an online store and make it successful don’t let a lack of technical knowledge hold you back!

I notice that there are many people who are afraid of the technology behind e-commerce. They are afraid they will never be able to build up an online store. This of course sounds very logical, but fortunately it isn’t ture. I don’t have a great technical skill set myself, but still I succeeded.

An online store is nowadays pretty easy to set up. You can also do it with a limited budget! Have a look at Shopify, SEOshop and BigCommerce. Starting at 30 dollars/20 GBP you can set up your online store with their Software as a Service (SaaS) packages.

In case you do meet some problems along the way

And in case you do have problems you can find somebody through or who can solve these problems. Often it is about just a small problem and it will cost you only a couple of bucks.

I had a problem with moving (flash) banners for one of my online stores. I didn’t know anything about this and I would have never been able to make the banners myself. A student fixed this for me for 50 EUR (70 USD/40GBP). Now I have a great set of banners with 8 different banners to choose from.

Like I discussed in this blog post, the real work only starts when you have your online store online. Then you have to generate sales. For getting your sales you don’t need technical knowledge at all – be smart and creative!

Don’t let your limited knowledge slow you down… Go for it!