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Marketing Monday: Selling to Existing Customers

Email Marketing Repeat Customers


It is much easier to sell to an existing customer than to attract a new customer. When you took good care of a customer in the past, you succeeded in building up something that is very important in ecommerce: a relationship of trust.

What is more, research shows that repeat customers tend to spend more. For these reasons we focus this Marketing Monday’s post on the best methods to sell to existing customers.

A classic method, which is however too often not used to it fullest advantage by e-commerce entrepreneurs, is e-mail marketing. We love Email Marketing. When using e-mail marketing software, it is easy to automatize and manage your communications with your existing customer base with a few clicks. Set up your e-mail marketing for the holiday season today!

A few months ago we gave some tips on what to write about. If you missed it then, check it our here!

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