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Marketing Monday: What is Google Adwords and how does it work?

When you have launched your online store, the most important phase starts: E-Commerce Marketing.

You will need to start generating sales. You can do that in dozens of ways. We discuss all ways in our marketing part of this blog.

I advise you to have a look at all methods and consider for each of them whether you want to use them for your online store. Don’t start to use all of them at once. Choose the most apt marketing method and start.

You can start today by looking at how Google Adwords works. Google Adwords potentially is a very powerful tool, but applied wrongly, it can cost you a lot without getting a high return on investment.


With E-Commerce Marketing, it is always important to use a step-by-step approach, and this is especially true for Google Adwords. Therefore, make sure you implement it well before you move on to use other marketing methods. If you don’t do this, you will see that not one of the methods becomes successful, and that would be a pity. All methods work. Of course one method works better for you than another one. You will have to try the methods step-for step. Maximize, and then continue with the next step.

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