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Quickly start an online business – buy an existing online store!

It is the question I get most often: “I would like to start an online store but I do not yet have (or know) what products to sell. Do you perhaps know something for me?”

I don’t know what products you can sell. It is best to look up drop shipping suppliers, to see what is available and to get inspired.

There is another option to quickly open your online store…

Buy an existing online store

Websites such as, and have dozens of online businesses for sale.

The prices vary enormously. The price is, of course, dependent on the amount of turnover and profit already generated by the online store.

Online store purely built for sale

I have to point out that the most online stores that are offered are purely and only made for sale. Smart guys or girls build an online store in their attic room, get in touch with a drop ship supplier, fill the online store with these products and let it grow for 3-4 months to sell it afterwards.

Many online store that are offered are therefore often in the same niche (for example Adult, Watches, Gadgets). Mostly these online stores are aimed on dropshipping because they can’t store the products in their attic room.

There are however regularly unique online stores that go up for sale. The advantage is that you directly have a start and don’t have to build up the online store for 2-3 months. You directly have sales!

Would you like to quickly start an online store? Consider buying an existing online store;-)

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