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Shopify vs Bigcommerce – 7 reasons to choose one over the other

bigcommerce vs shopify 7 reasons

Ecommerce Income has already done a lot over the last few months to make it easier for (starting) online entrepreneurs to compare and choose the ecommerce software solution that best suits there needs and requirements. Two of our favourite Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, are Bigcommerce and Shopify. Today, I will compare them. Shopify remains the most popular SaaS provider, and that is for a reason – it is a wonderful, easy to use and pretty ecommerce solution. But it really does make sense to compare it to Bigcommerce, as it has been doing a lot to catch up with Shopify and has become a veritable competitor in the process. They have a lot in common, such as being built primarily with the huge North American market in mind, but they also have distinct differences, such as in the philosophy behind the product and its features. Let’s have a look at how Shopify and Bigcommerce compare in this new blog post!

I give you 7 reasons to choose for Shopify or for Bigcommerce. See what you find more important, and choose the ecommerce platform that suits your needs!

Shopify beats Bigcommerce on design

Bigcommerce has done a lot on the design front. It has launched a number of new templates that look good on all devices, including some free ones. In this blog post you can see how good looking a Bigcommerce store can be – and how easy it is to set it up. Shopify, however, is still the industry leader when it comes to design. Shopify always had an emphasis on making their stores look good. For a similar article on design and ease of use of Shopify, see this article.

Bigcommerce is ready to sell

Bigcommerce is ready to sell – wherever your clients may be. It takes pride in what it calls its omni-channel capabilities. The Bigcommerce team takes effort to let their ecommerce platform integrate with as many sales channels as possible, be it outside of the online store (comparison and shopping websites, Facebook, Ebay) or inside the online store, with many features to attract and retain customers (good email marketing, integrated blog, free abandoned cart saver and easy to use product reviews features).

Shopify, by contrast, doesn’t offer ready integrations with comparison or shopping websites, and just scores a little less well on most of the other features that enable you to get on speed with your sales quickly with Bigcommerce.

Shopify makes online and offline sales integration easy with POS

Shopify does not believe in any boundaries between selling offline and online and makes it easy for people to sell on both channels while using the same (e)commerce software and stock management. As a first in the ecommerce industry, they offer their own point of sale system. You do need to use an iPad to be able to use the POS system, and the credit card reader is only shopify vs bigcommerce 7 reasonsavailable in the US. There are some workarounds possible if you operate your store outside of the US and need a card reader. It is a pity that these limitations remain, but still it is a great, affordable and sleek solution to sell online and offline with the same system.

Bigcommerce removes unnecessary boundaries

While Shopify is always working to make their designs look better and their apps more fun, Bigcommerce seems to be a bit more business-like in their philosophy. Shopify, to name one example, makes online store owners organize their products in so-called collections, while Bigcommerce just uses traditional categories that can be added and removed at will. Shopify’s system may sound cool, but it seems it is not actually that good for SEO at all. And it lacks flexibility, too. See more in this article on this topic.

Another example is the possibility with Bigcommerce to make your checkout as you want it to be. You can make a one-step checkout or let your customers check out in a number of easy steps. You can also host your own checkout when you pay more. With Shopify, you only have one option (multiple steps in checkout) and it is not possible to checkout on another than the Shopify domain.

Shopify is the leader of documentation

Shopify is really good at documentation and education. Just perform a search in google or in the Shopify manual, and you will find an answer to over 99% of questions. You will see that with Bigcommerce, that is still not the case. Although Bigcommerce also has a good manual and I quite like the fact that they integrate the learning in the setting up of the store.

Bigcommerce is most ready out of the box

When you are looking for a complete and very professional solution at a fee of less than 80 USD per month, turn to Bigcommerce. I extensively researched how ready out of the box Shopify and Bigcommerce are, and we had a clear winner with Bigcommerce.

I already named the examples of the multi-channel selling (great integrations) and the multiple options for the checkout. Another good integration is the extensive options with coupon and discount codes and the abandoned cart saver.

If you want to attain the same functionality with Shopify as Bigcommerce has in the 79.95 USD “Plus” package, you will pay much more per month.

Shopify beats Bigcommerce with apps, experts

What is great with Shopify, however, is that when you do make enough profit with your products and you need to get some special functionality, chances are high that you can find the app you need in Shopify’s amazingly complete app store. There is no other ecommerce SaaS provider that has a bigger app store than Shopify. And still, if there is something you can not find in Shopify’s app or theme store, there are many dozens of third party developers and experts that can help you out. With Bigcommerce, the marketplace of apps and experts is more limited.


Both Bigcommerce and Shopify are great ecommerce solutions. The above 7 reasons are among the most important reasons to choose one of both over the other. What would be best, however, is to test it out for yourself. It is always good to know when you can’t go wrong with your choice. With Bigcommerce and Shopify, pretty much all ecommerce entrepreneurs will have very powerful platforms and tools to build up their online store in a short time period. Click on one or both of the links below to register for a trial version – and start your own online store!


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