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Starting an Online Store

Would you like to start an online store?

A great idea! During the last few years the money spent in e-commerce steadily rose with over ten percent of annual growth. What is more: the e-commerce market is still growing. Projected global e-commerce growth is 20.2 % for 2014 and 17.7% for 2015 (source:

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How to Start an online store?

I have written various articles that help you to start your online store. What is the right e-commerce software? How to build a good administration? The answers on these questions can be found in the articles below.

But before you will continue to explore EcommerceIncome, I’d like to ask you something important:

Starting an Online Store, What Is Your Aim?

I don’t mean what you want to achieve with your online store, but what you want to achieve by starting your e-commerce business. Do you want to start working less? A bigger house? Go more often on holiday?

If you know what you want to achieve personally you can design a plan to get there. Maybe you just need a turnover of 7000 USD / 4000 GBP with a profit margin of 20% to achieve it.

If you are not really sure of the reason why you want to start an online store it will probably not become a success. It demands effort, creativity and courage. Without a target and a plan I can assure you your online store will not become a success or will not even be launched online (this happens to 85% of online stores!).


The administration of an online store is a problem many starting e-commerce entrepreneurs struggle with. Moreover, your national tax agency will demand an administration, which makes it seem even harder. In fact it is not so hard, and what is more: you can even save money by having a good administration, indeed, even earn money with it! Continue Reading…

Customer Service

Customer service is very important for your online store. It also, however, takes huge amounts of valuable time. For both of these reasons, it is important to directly organise your customer service well. Continue Reading…

Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name for your e-commerce business is key to your success. Continue Reading…

Drop Shipping

Is Drop shipping a good solution for you? For a large majority of e-commerce businesses it is!

When you use drop shipping you don’t need to maintain an actual stock yourself. So if you are interested in running an online store without expensive stock – read on! Continue Reading…


As an owner of an online store you “loose” most time with packing the orders. When you do this yourself you will have to go to the post office every day to send away the orders. Continue Reading…

Hosting for your Magento store

Without hosting you can never put your store online. The hosting makes sure that your online store is reachable through the domain name. So, in short, it is the place where you put your online store “online”. Continue Reading…

Legal and Insurances

As e-commerce entrepreneur there are a lot of things you have to deal with. You get money from customers and have to provide decent products for that in return. But besides the “commerce” you also receive sensitive personal data from the customer. It is important to arrange privacy and personal rights well and legally cover this area. Continue Reading…

Product Photos

Product photos are very important for your online store. A client can not feel the product, nor smell or touch it. That’s why it is essential to show clear and sharp product photos. Continue Reading…

Product Range

A succesful online store needs a good range of products. Choosing these products is an essential step in establishing your E-Commerce Income! Continue Reading…

Shipping and Returns

A fulfilment partner for shipping is of course the ideal solution. But for many starting online stores this is not a possibility. They will have to arrange the shipping themselves. Shipping companies and what they offer vary internationally, so instead of suggestions for what shipping company to choose, we designed a handy decision matrix. Continue Reading…

Starting Budget

The start-up costs are first of all dependent on the software you choose. When you take a SaaS subscription, you have monthly fees starting at 10 USD/GBP. No start-up fees involved! Continue Reading…

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