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Hosting for your Online Store

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Without hosting you can never put your store online. The hosting makes sure that your online store is reachable through the domain name. So, in short, it is the place where you put your online store “online”.

For an online store made with Magento you have to arrange the hosting yourself. With an e-commerce solution such as SEOshop and Shopify the hosting is already taken care of and included in the price.

My opinion is that you should arrange your hosting well from the start. To arrange it well you only spend a few dollars or pounds extra per month, and you are set for the time to come. It frees you to work on more important things.

Don’t forget to take a SSL certificate with your hosting. A SSL certificate makes sure a secure connection is established during payment.


Hosting providers

There are a large number of hosting providers. You can google for magento hosting or cloud hosting. Possible companies include SiteGroundBlueHost, and GoDaddy.

Advantages of cloud hosting

The big advantage of cloud hosting is that your sites / online store(s) can be hosted on multiple servers. This allows you to upscale your hosting automatically.

Picture it like this: there are hundreds of servers and you use 1% of them. When your online store continues to grow you can easily scale up to 2%.

This has two advantages. First, you don’t have to continuously migrate your sites – just contacting your hosting company is enough. Second you only pay for what you need now and not for what you might need in six months.

Compare the various hosting companies, but do take care to choose reliable hosting for a reasonable price. Good hosting (for a standard Magento store) costs about 30 EUR per month. If you get it cheaper it might actually cost you more in the long run…

Watch out for the small pirates!

There are also many small companies, operating from their attic, offering very cheap hosting. You can host your store with them for about 15 USD/10 GBP per month. This is most probably not actually a good deal for you. They are often not able to offer the support and knowledge you need.

Choose value, choose for peace of mind, choose a company you can rely on for the years to come. 


I don’t understand anything of this!

In case you don’t understand much of what we wrote about above, it is recommended to choose for the easiest e-commerce solution: SaaS software.

With SaaS software you don’t need hosting or technical knowledge and you pay only about 30,- per month for using the software. I believe that SaaS is the best solution for about 95% of the starting online store owner.

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