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Legal & Insurances

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As e-commerce entrepreneur there are a lot of things you have to deal with. You get money from customers and have to provide decent products for that in return. But besides the “commerce” you also receive sensitive personal data from the customer. It is important to arrange privacy and personal rights well and legally cover this area.

Insurances for your Online Store

A general liability insurance is wise to have. It may be a good idea to compare various providers for their rates and conditions.

Besides that, you have to think what can go wrong with your online store and whether you want to insure against this risk or not. It is a good idea to make an appointment with an insurance advisor (often free) and talk this through.

Imagine you sell hammocks online 😉 Somebody could fall out of the hammock and get seriously injured. Who is responsible – the customer, the online store or the supplier? In my case: the supplier. Except for those products I import and/or produce myself. If you don’t know the extent of your liability, you can’t insure it. An advisor can advise and help you in this.

Often, a liability insurance is enough in the beginning. When you maintain the stock yourself, a fire and/or theft insurance could be wise as well. If you use a fulfilment partner, ask what insurances they have.

Terms and Conditions for Online Store


You write in the terms and conditions what rights and obligations the customers have, when they make a purchase in your online store. It is important to have good (and fair) terms and conditions so that all parties involved know what to expect.

Writing such a legal document costs a lot of money. You can google for free standard texts, however, and just adapt the data to correctly state your business’s details (address, contacts, and the like).

To top it off, you can add the terms and conditions as a page to your online store with the possibility to download them as a PDF. Don’t forget to refer to your T&C on your invoices and the order confirmation e-mail.

Privacy Policy for your Ecommerce Business

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You have to indicate what you do with the personal data of your customers.

You can google for a privacy policy generator and use a standard policy – I do recommend you to try to make a more readable and lucid document out of it.

Note: it is a public secret that Google ranks online stores with a good Privacy Policy higher than those with a bad Privacy Policy. For the use of some of Google’s services it is even obligatory to have a Privacy Policy. 😉

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