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Product photos for your online store

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Product photos are very important for your online store. A client can not feel the product, nor smell or touch it. That’s why it is essential to show clear and sharp product photos.

Normally you have various photos for 1 product (see our article on Loading time for why this is a good idea):

  • Thumbnail (small photo for the product overview pages)
  • Small photo (product page photo)
  • Big photo (mostly opens in a pop-up)

Good e-commerce software automatically makes photos smaller. This means that you only have to add the “big photos” and it directly creates all the various sizes as necessary.

Don’t forget your online store…

Besides the fact that the photo should show off the product, it should also fit well in your online store. Do not use very bright backgrounds that don’t match your store’s design.

Product photos often have a white background. That is for a reason! The product photos look splendid throughout the website. What is more – the photos are also more easily used for other marketing purposes!

Good product photos and a good resolution

Make sure that the visitor of your online store can always see the product in its entirety. Of course you can make a few detail photos. I recommend you therefore to use a photo width of ±970 pixels. This size allows a visitor to view the photo in full screen and to get a good idea of the product.

Making product photos yourself

Unfortunately this is not a good option for the most of us. To achieve a sharp product photo with a nice white background you need a course in photography and quite some photo equipment.

With a standard point-and-shoot camera you don’t achieve the quality you would like to have on your website, and you quickly need a DSLR. You will need to create a mini-studio with a white background and a few bright lamps.

I advise you not to waste your time with the boring job that product photography is but look for other solutions instead.

Ask the supplier

For a supplier pictures are as important as they are for you. Suppliers often maintain their own website and a product brochure where they show their products. For these reasons the suppliers often have the photos ready for you. Send them an e-mail and chances are they provide you the photos straight-away.

Hiring a photographer

In case our supplier doesn’t have photos we send our products to a photographer. He makes sure that the products are photographed in a professional way and makes sure we can directly use the photos in our online store.

Look in google for product photography. It is difficult to give an estimate of the price. For us it mostly costs between 2,50 and 5 EUR (3.5/7 USD, 2/4 GBP) per photo. This seems like a lot of money but don’t forget that the photo is often very important in the choice of the product (and the online store)!

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