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Dharma merchant services

Dharma works differently. It gets 5 out of 5 stars from the most critical merchant service providers review websites out there. It works differently in that it aims to operate according to certain business ethics and that its customers are very satisfied with the service offered.  Dharma donates 50% of its profit to charity and gives discounts for non-profits.

Features and pricing of Dharma merchant services

Dharma is a merchant service provider and works together with to process online payments. It is possible to work with other gateways as well, they claim to be able to work with most.

Dharma offers interchange-plus pricing. This means that they always add the same percentage + small fee on top of the interchange fees. Some 100$ transactions may look like this:

dharma review

Dharma has a monthly fee of 15 USD. costs are a setup fee of 99 USD, 20 USD monthly costs and 0.05 USD per transaction fee. Authorize.Net synchronizes with QuickBooks and has an Open API for Shoping payment methods accepted

Dharma Merchant Services only available for US businesses

Dharma is a good payments solution when you are based in the US. They require the business to be registered in the US.

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