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Skrill (Moneybookers)

The companyskrill review

Skrill started out in 2001 as Moneybookers and claims to process the payments for over 156.000 businesses today. They service many industries, among which gambling is a big sector. Moneybookers was rebranded to Skrill in 2013. Skrill is a very fast-growing and highly profitable company. Ownership of Moneybookers/Skrill changed frequently, and CVC Capital Partners acquired Skrill in August 2013 for 600 million euros.

It seems that Skrill sometimes has trouble keeping their staff and customers happy during this period of fast growth and changes. I read a significant number of reviews on trustpilot and other websites of customers indicating Skrill never gets back to their requests for support. Glassdoor, a website where employees can indicate whether their company is a good place to work, has a lot of recent reviews where employees complain about the speed of changes and the lack of vision in the senior management, with a few reviews indicating that many new VPs were hired although few, according to the authors of the reviews, have a lot of knowledge of the payments industry. People go online more quickly to complain than to praise, so the predominance of these reviews, of course, doesn’t necessarily reflect the whole image.



Skrill is not just a PSP, it also offers an online deposit account (e-wallet) and offers, apart from major payment cards and (100+) local payment methods its own online accounts as payment method. Over 36 million account holders use Skrill.

When you make a payment on Skype, Ebay, Odesk or William Hill, you are using Skrill – and these are only a few of the big brands Skrill works with.

Skrill also offers a Skrill Prepaid MasterCard to its customers.


Skrill has transaction fees that depend on two things: where you operate from (US or Europe) and the volume of sales you have per month. Up to 3000 USD per month you will pay 2.9%, if you sell more it will become a smaller percentage. Apart from this percentage you will always pay 0.29 USD per sale.

In Europe you pay 2.9% up to 2.500 EUR in monthly sales plus 0.25 EUR per sale.

Additional fees for Skrill include:


  • refund 0.49 USD
  • Sending money fee: 1%
  • Chargeback Fee 20 USD
  • Fee between 2.99% and 4.99% for transactions involving currency conversion
  • Receive money fee (Micropayments) 5.00%+0.05 USD


  • Refund: 0.49 EUR per transaction
  • Sending money fee: 1%
  • Chargeback Fee: 25 EUR for credit and debit cards / 7 EUR for direct debits
  • Skrill Standard Chargeback protection: 7.9%
  • Fee between 2.99% and 4.99% for transactions involving currency conversion
  • Gateway Usage: 19.95 EUR per month
  • Withdrawal: 1.80 EUR (Visa and bank transfer) / 3.50 EUR (cheque)
  • For UK tariffs and the percentages for a larges montly sales volume please see here for US fees and here for European fees (including UK fees).

Check out Skrill’s page related to the ecommerce industry here. You will see they work with some ecommerce software partners and have different pricing for the various platforms.

Pricing seems to be clear and transparent, but in fact nothing is mentioned about the various categories of payments. For payments per online banking or visa debit, for example, the fees are very high compared to other payment service provides. If this is a flat fee that applies also to AMEX, it will be rather low for those types of payments.

In general what I advise is to pick 2 or three payment service providers you like, and then compare them yourself and give them a call. Find out what their intitial offer is, find out what is exactly included in that offer (also see our article on tiered pricing) and negotiate. In fact, there is not one pricing, if you indicate you can get a better deal elsewhere, it is quite likely they are happy to lower their fees somewhat.

Of course you want a reliable payment service provider and one with a decent customer support. Although we noted there are some bad reviews about skrill’s support in the beginning of this article, in the end it is best to find out for yourself. Try out their responsiveness, for example, by sending an e-mail with a support-related question before signing up.


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