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Summary Online Store SEO quick wins

Or: the Do’s and Don’ts of SEO

Don’t: place the name of the online store (at the front) of the title tag

The title tag should contain the most important keywords of the page in a short sentence. The name of the online store is secondary in importance to that.

You can place the name of the online store behind the title, but placing it in front of the title is not a smart thing to do!

Do: Unique meta-description for every page

Each page should contain a unique meta-description.

Don’t: Use Meta keywords

Every proper search engine doesn’t use meta-keywords already for years. All software does, however, still offer this option. You don’t really have to look at this anymore. Better invest your time in a good title and meta-description.

Don’t: Use the H1 tag for the logo on every page

H1 should be used for the most important information on the page. In most cases the product or category title and not the logo.

Don’t: welcome the visitor

Never put a word of welcome on your online store. I still see “welcome” too often in the H1, while that is the most important H1 tag – use it well!

Don’t: hide links and keywords

This one seems logical, but still: don’t hide links and keywords on pages where they shouldn’t be. It doesn’t help your SEO effort to add a load of keywords to the bottom of every page.

In 2005 this worked but in 2014 the search engines became smarter. 😉

Don’t: Use texts that are used elsewhere already

Each page should be unique. So don’t copy texts from other pages or from your supplier but write your own unique texts!

Do: texts for categories

Too often I still find category pages without text. From experience I know that you can quickly profit from adding text to it. Google attaches more importance to the category pages than to the product page.

Do: Use Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are an easy way to show the internal link structure of a website. For visitors it improves the usability, but search engines also recognize the site structure more easily with breadcrumbs.

Do: Clean, Cleaner, Cleanest

The source code should be as clean as possible. Keep it simple and effective and the loading time will be faster and the search engines can better index the code.

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