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The real work starts when your online store goes live

Many people starting an online store think that when they open the online store they will directly have sales. Think again – this is of course not the case.

It is rather the case that the real work only starts when you have your online store online.

An example: perhaps there is a great online store selling discounted children’s clothes on However you will online find that out when you enter that exact domain name. The chance that you do so accidentally is very small.

But why do many people think that they will generate sales with the online store they just opened?

Well, that is related to the following: when you open a brick-and-mortar store on the high street of a big city – say, Oxford street in London – you will directly get sales. There are thousands of people that walk past your shop every day. There are probably people looking for children’s clothes that see your store.

On the internet you cannot choose whether you open your online store on Oxford street in London or in a small sidestreet in an unknown village.

On the internet there are different rules. It is important you learn to understand those rules.

On the internet every online store is equal at the start. Therefore you will have to come up with a good marketing effort! You will have to think about how you will attract visitors to your online store.

Because people didn’t think much about the marketing, many people close their online store as quickly as they opened it (which includes online stores which aren’t bad at all). These people forgot they didn’t open in Oxford street or another busy shopping area, but opened an online store with an unknown domain name.

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