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Tip 1: Get into action

This is essential for every online store because the internet and technology develop and change quickly. Too many online store owners waste time with analyzing, planning and thinking without undertaking action. These three things are all very important, but right away after concluding the Research, processing the Data and describing the Exit Strategy (or the Target) you have to start – provided that the result will likely be financially attractive of course.

The perfect time will never come, so do it now

You probably heard something like this before: “You don’t have to do it perfectly right away, it is important to start with it”. This especially is the case online. Twelve months from now the internet has evolved further, so bring your store online now and take it from there, moving along with the evolving internet.

When I develop a new website or online store, I always strive to have it online within 10 days after the start. This gives me the possibility to test the online sotre in a real environment while I continue to develop it further. My online store can right away be indexed by Google, which is good for the Search Engine Optimization. There will not be visitors yet, so it doesn’t matter that the website isn’t complete yet.

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