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Tip 12: Lead and dominate your product category, market and branch of industry!

As online store owner you will publish a lot of information such as product descriptions, how-to manuals, blogs, movies, news letters and RSS Feeds. Make it into your target to lead your (potential) customers and only give them access to the information that according to you is suitable for them, and contributes to their buying products from you.

It is not about crossing ethical and moral borders, but about leading and directing your product category, market or branch of industry.

“Your customers want what you offer them, so do everything you can to give it to them… before the competition does!”

Such control gives you the possibility to build up a good understanding with your audience and convince them that a product you offer suits their needs or wishes. It is all about how you present yourself and psychology. This is essential if you want to become market leader and if you want they people listen to your messages…

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