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Tip 16: Analyse User Data; Keep on testing

The internet, user behaviour and their buying behaviour are constantly changing. The most online store owners don’t use the freely available – very detailled – statistics to analyse the buying behaviours and preferences of their visitors. By starting to analyse these data you will get important information allowing you to increase your sales and profit.

Successful online store, which includes Amazon, executed various daily tests on their online store to collect data and respond to the results. They tests everything, from the location of a picture on their home page, the product lay-out and the look of a shopping cart button to the messages and products you see when you placed an order.

By testing you find out which parts of your online store work well and which parts may be a “leak”, or where you may have to repair or improve something. When you change things, ask your family, friends or colleagues to have a look whether the website and all features work quickly and simply. The less experience the tester has, the better, because you can then learn about even the smallest inconveniences that more experienced users won’t even notice.

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