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Tip 18: Use back-end strategies and see your sales increase rapidly!

Back-end strategies are marketing methods to sell additional products to existing customers (from your customer database or e-mail list). Back-end marketing is an essential part for long-term growth and for the overall success of an e-commerce sales and marketing strategy.

Back-end marketing is very cheap when compared with “front-end” marketing (winning over new customers) because your target audience has already been customer and you already have their data. The biggest investment in that customer has already been made on the front-end.

A big advantage of back-end marketing is that response and conversion figures are much better, because the customers already know, respect and trust you.

However back-end marketing has a lot of advantages – low costs, high conversion, high profit, etc. – it is not quite used enough and sometimes even forgotten.

By implementing news letters, blogs, RSS, Twitter and other social media in your online store you can make your sales rise by up to 35% in just a short time frame!

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