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Fulfillment “Battle”: Amazon vs. Shipwire


FBA_logo_usFBA vs Shipwire

Both Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Shipwire are huge players in the fulfillment industry. If you are thinking about using a fulfillment company for your online business (which could be a great idea!) these two companies may be interesting partners for you.

Make sure though, that they will really be partners for your business. FBA will take your customers’ data and their brand will profit more from the sale than yours. Shipwire allows you to have your own branding while using their fulfillment services, and they will not take your customer data – in short the sell and the client relationship is yours. Shipwire is more expensive than FBA for fulfillment, however they don’t invoice a referral fee, as Amazon does.

Check out the full article on differences between FBA and Shipwire here.

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