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Welcome to EcommerceIncome

Welcome to EcommerceIncome! We are very excited to start this new project and to share Kees van Dijk’s knowledge and passion for online stores with you!

The Launch of EcommerceIncome Is Great News For You! When you want to start your own online store, you found the right website to help you at

Also when you already have an online store, and you are thinking about how to generate more visitors and sales – we can help.

Would you like to learn my most important advice?
Learn how to work ON you e-commerce business instead of “inside” your online store.

When you heed that advice you will not be always just busy packing those orders and doing the customer service. Instead, your e-commerce business will grow much faster, the amount of visitors will increase and the amount of sales will rise!

At a certain moment your online store (almost) runs independently. Start out with a couple of simple tweaks and before you know your online store became more successful.


EcommerceIncome was born in the Netherlands and provides expert advice and insider’s information on starting and developing your online store and, indeed, your e-commerce income!

We write for an international audience and combine a strong international outlook with a developed understanding of how to operate in a local setting.

Due to our location and our experience with our online stores, we know most about (cross-border) e-commerce in Europe, with our own online stores in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and other European countries. Due to our strong international outlook we will continue to develop our global approach over time as well.

Who are Kees and the EcommerceIncome team?

Kees van Dijk is founder and owner of EcommerceIncome. He started a Dutch blog on the theme of starting a successful e-commerce business and has been active for years in the field of internet marketing. He has developed various internet concepts and online stores. He has been successful with various internet-based businesses and helped clients with building up their own successful e-commerce businesses.

 “With both my Dutch blog and now with EcommerceIncome I try to share my knowledge with starters on the e-commerce market”

Timo Klaassen was hired by Kees as a translator and e-commerce researcher.

“My goal is to convey as much of the passion and knowledge of Kees as possible, and to translate, edit, build and expand upon his writings to make it relevant and interesting for an international audience”

Please have a look around, feel free to register to receive updates when a new post is online – we have a lot of good and fresh information for you in stock to get EcommerceIncome and you and your online store started!


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