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What is the best e-commerce software?

What is the best e-commerce software? We often find this question in our inbox. The answer depends on a number of factors.  First, what kind of e-commerce entrepreneur are you, and what do you want to achieve with your online store? Do you want to achieve a nice extra income besides your salary, or do you want to stop working and earn a “medium income” (whatever that may be for you) with the online store? Do you want to keep on developing the business and grow it into a million-dollar store? If you want to be able to scale your business, choose a solution that is as flexible, scalable and ambitious as you are. If you want to generate a nice side-income, look for an online store that is easily set-up and offers good value for money.

Second, it depends on the developments in the e-commerce world and the quality of the SaaS suppliers. What are the newest requirements and which e-commerce software packages respond best to the (quickly) changing world of e-commerce? What features do the various e-commerce software packages offer, and what is the quality of, for example, their designs. Mobile (e-commerce sales generated via tablets and smartphones) is the future – are the designs responsive? What do they cost?

Our comparison answers these questions on design, and about a hundred more questions – on security, accounting, marketing, analytics, integrations and much more. It has been freshly updated so check it out here! Read our in-depth reviews of the 6 discussed SaaS suppliers to learn more, for example on scalability. For an overview, see our general article on e-commerce software here.

Also read our discussion on Buying or Renting which discusses the advantages and disadvantages of SaaS (Software as a Service; or Renting) versus open source software. For the starting e-commerce entrepreneur we now recommend SaaS (however we are long-time users of Magento for our own online stores), as this option developed very well over the last few years.

The best E-Commerce Software

So what is the best e-commerce software? We will present some of our findings here.

It is a close call with Shopify winning and Bigcommerce a close second

SEOshop is not in the same league as Shopify and BigCommerce, as the company behind it is much smaller. It has distinct advantages, however, and is our preferred e-commerce solution for Europe.

Shopify is the most popular platform. This is for a reason and comes with advantages such as unrivaled support and documentation from both the Shopify team and third-party experts (a lot of third-party apps). The themes are excellent and there are many designers who can help you modify or even create your own theme. On the design side Shopify beats BigCommerce.

BigCommerce is more complete out of the box, and you will find that there are less apps you have to pay extra for. BigCommerce is developing rapidly. For now we would still name Shopify the overall winner and BigCommerce the runner-up.

Read the whole comparison here or register for a trial version of your favourite option:





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